Wi-Fi-Illumination and Planning

The correct planning of the illumination of a Wi-Fi first of all raises many open questions:

  • How do obstacles and other transceivers influence the signal quality?
  • How many Access Points are required and where should these be installed?
  • How can the total result be improved by the choice of antennas?

There are many more significant questions.

To realise an applicapple Wi-Fi you have to find the answers to these questions, and we help you to find a solutions specifically tailored to your requirements:

We implement a systematic planning for your Wi-Fi network using of the most modern software and identify the quantity of required Accesspoints and their locations. We indentify the best suitable configurations and antenna types for your requirements. In the process we pay attention to the signal propagation between the floors and possible closed rooms.

A simulation of the effects of varying data traffic carried intensity and different Wi-Fi devices on the network intensity gives us important facts for the planning of your network.