World leader in networking technology
juniper-networks-logo International technology company offering services and IT infrastructure.
extreme_networks_logo Leading provider of high-end networking solutions:
Through this partnership, we are able to offer an even more efficient and more comprehensive service to our customers. The successful partnership with Extreme Networks® optimizes our know-how for network solutions.
hp_logo International technology company offering services and IT infrastructure.
F5_Networks_logo.svg F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) and supports the world’s largest companies and service providers in the implementation of virtualization, cloud computing and on-demand IT. In addition to the comprehensive solutions for traffic management, the extensible architecture of F5 Networks rounds out our portfolio.
1162-PSi-Matrix-web2 Professional matrix, laser, thermal transfer printers.
lancom German network manufacturer focusing on secure, reliable and sustainable infrastructure solutions for the B2B markets.
bintec Provides integrated communications solutions for businesses ranging from medium-sized companies to freelancers.

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Consulting / Training

  • Trikom GmbH
    Professional network services in planning, installation, analysis and design


  • Fastlane
    Specialist in sophisticated networking technologies
  • Global Knowledge
    IT and business training for technology leading vendors