A high visibility is essential on your IT-network infrastructure!

Unified Monitoring

A unified monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure

AKTIV-CARE© provides the ability to track availability and performance to ensure that all your critical business components are operational. Each site and all systems are permanently monitored. The collected status data are presented on a central overview.


  • Hardware Monitoring (network, server, storage, WLAN, telephony)
  • Application Monitoring (operating systems, applications, processes)
  • Cloud Monitoring (applications, services, cloud-based software)
  • Virtual Environments Monitoring (e.g. power consumption, temperature)
  • Remote Monitoring (centralized monitoring of remote sites)

Multi-vendor solution

AKTIV-CARE© is already equipped with prefabricated sensors and templates for a variety of Manufacturers, operating systems and applications Cisco, DELL, HP, Juniper, SQL, NetApp, Citrix, MS Exchange, VMware, Oracle, MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more.

Installation mode and functions

The installation of AKTIV-CARE© is locally or remotely. A central monitor server collects the status data of the devices and services by means of standardized protocols (for example SNMP, WMI, ICMP, HTTP) and performs the storage and evaluation of the data.
The connection of decentralized sites declined via encrypted connection to the server. An authorized access to Monitor server data is available at any time, from anywhere through an Internet browser or through free apps for mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Global Monitoring

AKTIV-CARE© allows you to monitor your entire sites around the city, district, country, continent and globe.

Monitoring the utilization and availability of the IT infrastructure

  • Minimizing downtime through proactive monitoring
  • Instant alerting in the event of hardware and software failures
  • Overloading, line errors or bandwidth bottlenecks

Flexible and individual alerting

  • Custom definition of thresholds for warnings and errors as well as extensive notification functions (e-mail, SMS, push notification, execution of programs or scripts, etc.)

Increased security

  • Early detection of abnormalities in the IT network infrastructure
    e. g. in case of cyberattacks

Comprehensive reporting

  • Creation of individual reports (PDF, HTML) e.g. for meeting an SLA

Reduction of costs

  • Support for investment decisions for hardware and software based on empirical long-term data evaluation
  • Optimize the use of existing services and devices

Simple scaling

  • Easy and cost-effective entry into Unified Monitoring
  • Fast and easy adaptation to IT infrastructure changes

We provide our experience in monitoring and service for your IT-network infrastructure!


Our Services


Analysis of the internal IT infrastructure and processes, development of solutions in cooperation with the customer


Planning and execution of the installation and configuration of the server


Configuration of the devices and applications to be monitored


Staff training (administrators, users)


Complete monitoring by IDS Network Operating Centre

SLA 24/7/x

Standby with a predefined Service Level Agreement


Initiation of measures in the event of failure
(e.g. opening a ticket at the ISP)


Securing your hardware with the IDS SmartPACT® Service